New ISIS Handbook For Mothers Called ‘Sister’s Role In Jihad’ Is Pure Child Abuse

In its latest propaganda move, ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, has brought out a new Jihadi handbook, entitled Sister’s Role in Jihad, which teaches young Muslim mothers how to prime their children from a young age to exalt violence and kill people in the “name of God.”

The new guide, which is an example of pure child abuse at its most cynical, recommends showing children jihadi websites, reading tales of jihad at bedtime, and encourages sports such as darts to improve their aim.

As reported by the Daily Mail in Britain, the new book was highlighted by the U.S-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) ahead of a new report condemning how children are being indoctrinated into radical Islam, and explains that women should start training children “while they are babies” as waiting until they are toddlers “may be too late.”

Executive Director of MEMRI, Steven Stalinsky, said the following.

“As we move into 2015, Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, ISIS, and other jihadi groups worldwide continue to invest a lot of effort in indoctrination of the next generation of fighters. It is important for the West to understand that all these groups want the world to know that this indoctrination is taking place. No matter what happens in Iraq and Syria in the near future, the next generation — the children of Baghdadi and grandchildren of bin Laden — have already been brainwashed to hate the West and to strive for jihad and martyrdom.”

While it’s unclear who the authors of the ISIS handbook are, the guide recommends making the training ‘fun’ for youngsters, though stresses that “fun does not mean music and dancing, as is portrayed by Western children’s TV.”

On top of that, mothers true to the cause are instructed to encourage their children to take part in sports such as darts to improve their aim, skiing to improve their fitness, and camping to teach them to survive outdoors.

As well as that, mothers are told that children should practice target-shooting with toy guns to help direct their anger, though parents should “make it very clear who their target should be, and who their target should not be.”

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