After Capturing Fighter Pilot, ISIS Utilizes Social Media To Decide His Execution

Earlier this month on the Inquisitr, there was a report on the Islamic State (IS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq an Syria (ISIS), capturing Jordanian fighter pilot, Moaz al-Kasasba. According to the report, Moaz was captured when his F-16 fighter jet was shot down over Syria during a coalition led by the United States. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the reports that IS took Moaz. As for IS, they were quick to publicize their capture with published photographs of them holding Moaz along with identifying him as a Jordanian national.

Now that Moaz al-Kasasba’s capture has been publicized throughout the world, the Islamic State is once again utilizing social media as propaganda. This time, they are crowdsourcing for ideas on how Moaz should be executed. What’s frightening are some of the ideas people have suggested.

According to an article by Vocativ, Islamic State supporters are playing a repugnant game on social media in sharing how Moaz al-Kasasba should be killed. Predominantly through Twitter, IS is utilizing the hashtag that reads “Suggest a Way to Kill the Jordanian Pilot Pig” (#?????_?????_????_??????_???????_???????) for this morbid debate. There are now more than a thousand retweets with the hashtag gaining popularity.

It is unclear if the movement was officially launched by the Islamic State’s propagandists or from its supporters. Nevertheless, the suggestions provided show how ruthless they can be. IJReview has compiled pictures of many of the most unique suggestions retweeted. You can check out what some people think should happen to Moaz al-Kasasba in the gallery attached below.

As of now, there hasn’t been any counter-measures taken by the social media corporate heads pertaining to this matter. It is also unknown if users providing a method for Moaz al-Kasasba’s execution will be charged possibly for being an accomplice to some degree of murder.

[Featured Image via ISIS Propaganda, Post Images via Twitter]

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