Egypt Extending Its Occupation Of Palestine By Doubling Buffer Zone To Prevent Terror

Addam Corré - Author

Dec. 31 2014, Updated 10:12 a.m. ET

Having already cleared a 500-meter wide buffer zone along roughly 10 kilometers of “Palestinian land” on the Sinai border, Egypt now plans to double the width and length of that buffer zone due to the ongoing threat of terror attacks from the likes of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza.

The Gaza Strip has Israel on one side and the sea, and Egypt on the other sides. This makes it increasingly difficult for Hamas and its operatives to smuggle illegal items via tunnels for the next round of war against Israel.

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Interestingly, some commentators have pointed out that while the Jewish State receives swift and harsh world condemnation if it even looks at an inch of “Palestine,” the world remains silent when Egypt forcefully occupies land and gives families who have lived there for years just 48 hours to evacuate with as much as they can carry on their backs.

The Inquisitr reported at the end of October, when the Egyptians began expelling Palestinians and demolishing their homes, that a land grab of around 1,650 feet wide took place, while an estimated 900 Palestinian families living on the Sinai border were expelled.

Egypt announced Tuesday, as reported by the AFP, that work will begin to double the width of the buffer zone in the Sinai, in an attempt to prevent terrorists infiltrating from the Palestinian terror enclave.

North Sinai provincial Governor Abdel Fattah Harhur told AFP that he had met families from the area to be evacuated and told them they needed to inform authorities in Rafah if they want “financial compensation or alternative housing.”

The construction of the buffer zone commenced in the wake of an October 24 suicide bombing that killed 30 Egyptian soldiers. Egypt directly blamed Palestinian terrorists of aiding attacks against its security forces that have increased since the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last year.

It remains to be seen whether or not the world will come to the aid of the Palestinians, who are looking at having large areas or territory made into a “no mans land” until they get their terrorist activities under control.


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