Transgender Justin Bieber Lookalike Blake Kerwin Bares Uncanny Resemblance To Teen Heartthrob

Seventeen-year-old Blake Kerwin from Wigan in the UK looks so much like teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber that he frequently gets asked for autographs from fans who believe he's Bieber himself, despite the fact that Blake was born as a girl named Rebecca.

Blake revealed to the Daily Mail that the attention he receives on a daily basis, due to his uncanny similarity to Justin Bieber, gives him hope and fulfills a gap in his life.

The decision for Blake to live his life as a boy was a tough one for him, and was such a serious matter that he was on and off the police protection list for five years due to a campaign of abuse that has seen him beaten unconscious and his house pelted with rocks, snowballs, and metal poles.

But in speaking with the Mail, Blake revealed that he takes comfort in impersonating Justin Bieber and enjoys his music very much.

Regarding his gender struggle, Blake said, "I was born a boy but my body reflects differently because I've not had the op yet. I knew at quite a young age because I was always copying my brother and doing what he was doing and I just didn't feel right."

Blake's mother Sharon also spoke to the publication, revealing that she knew her daughter was different from a young age.

"I knew there was something because I would try and dress him up, not thinking and doing his hair with girly things. He would say I don't like this and I would tell him it looks good and he would go along with it but he was never really happy. I knew there was something but I could never put my finger on it. Even then he would come home and take the girl clothes off and put on football, Manchester United, stuff."
When he was just 12 years old, Blake came across Justin Bieber on YouTube and felt an immediate connection with the Canadian star, especially in terms of his music and lyrics.

Soon after Blake cut his hair short, his mother pointed out the physical resemblance between the pair and he began considering the idea of working as a lookalike.

He spoke about being mistaken for the real Justin Bieber, saying the following.

"I've had my shades on and my hat backwards and I went into Blackpool and a small girl came up and her mum asked if she could have her picture taken with me because she thought I really was Justin Bieber. And, when I went to Birmingham, these girls on the escalators were going crazy because they thought I was him."