Casey Anthony Sued By Man Who Found Caylee Anthony’s Body [Defamation Lawsuit]

The trials and tribulations of Casey Anthony lawsuits have not come to an end, this after the man who found the little body of daughter Caylee Anthony filed a lawsuit against the girls mother.

Roy Kronk claims in his filing that Casey and her lawyers tried to pin the blame for the young girls death on him. In what could be his strongest contention in the case Kronk says if Anthony was telling the truth under oath that Caylee drowned in the family pool then why did she use her lawyers to smear his name and suggest that he kidnapped the girl?

In his motion to file his lawyers say “Casey Anthony, through her attorneys, made statements too numerous to recite.”

Among those “false and defamatory” remarks was that Kronk was Caylee’s killer, is a child snatcher, played a role in placing her body, later removed the remains and “is morally bankrupt, took the body and hid it.”

This isn’t the first time Casey Anthony has been sued since her not guilty verdict rocked most people in the United States, another defamation lawsuit was filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, a female who happens to have the same name as the fictional nanny Casey Anthony made up to convince police authorities that her daughter was kidnapped.

A Texas company has also sued Casey after her pool confession, claiming that they spent thousands of dollars to find a little girl when her mother already knew where she was located.

Give the fact that Casey Anthony will not want to recant her testimony from her murder trial and ultimately perjure herself there’s a good chance that Kronks lawyers will be quick to point out the various acts of defamation Anthony and her team were involved in when they later claimed that the death was an accident and the body was hidden as part of a cover-up.

Do you think Casey Anthony should be forced to pay Roy Kronk damages based on her obviously fake testimony?

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