Casey Anthony Jury: Names Released After Three Month ‘Cooling Off’ Period

Although three months have passed since the acquittal of Casey Anthony in a Florida courtroom, emotions surrounding the controversial verdict seem to run nearly as high today as they did the day Anthony was set free.

While many in the US and internationally felt the case was open and shut, and that Anthony clearly caused the death of her toddler daughter Caylee through criminal negligence or outright intent (most felt it was the latter), jurors ultimately were unable to convict the Florida mother based on the evidence with which they were presented. Many argued that while a woman thought to be guilty by most walked free, the case illustrated how trials can and should work under our laws.

Among those absorbing much of the heat surrounding the controversial acquittal was the Casey Anthony jury. The twelve jurors and four alternates charged with deliberating the case were vilified, threatened and pilloried in the court of public opinion, so much so that a judge in Florida took the unusual case of sealing their identities for a short period after the case in order to protect them.

Florida judge Belvin Perry Jr. explained that while the public had a right to know the identities of those on the Casey Anthony jury, it was necessary to take some steps to shield them given the unusual attention surrounding the case. Perry wrote:

“In a democracy, criminal trials should not, as a rule, be decided by anonymous persons. However, anonymity, at least from the media and the public, relieves pressure on jurors and protects impartiality.”

A full list of the Casey Anthony jury and alternates can be viewed here.

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