September 28, 2020
Patrick Mahomes' Finacée, Brittany Matthews, Models New Clothing Line In Instagram Video

Brittany Matthews, who is engaged to be married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, took to her Instagram account to model a brand-new collection of workout apparel today.

The video featured Matthews trying on five different outfits while she took momentary pauses to model for the camera and in front of a nearby mirror.

Her first outfit paired a bright orange sports bra with periwinkle, high-waisted leggings, which displayed her toned legs and flawless skin. Matthews brushed her long, sandy blond hair over her shoulder as she pushed her hips to the side to display the clothing.

For the second ensemble, she simply added a light, lemon-colored tank top to the previously mentioned bra-and-leggings combo. The shirt featured an open back and a high neckline. Matthews placed her left hand on her waist with her right arm resting at her side as she smiled for the camera.

In her third outfit change, Matthews appeared to be modeling the same outfit that she posted on her Instagram account a few days ago. Her yellow, formfitting tank paired naturally with her bright orange, full length, spandex and bright white matching tennis shoes.

She posed with her right arm extended straight into the air as the opposite hand remained on her hip. Matthews kicked her right foot behind her left leg momentarily as she laughed.

Her final ensemble matched a light blue sports bra with yellow running shorts and a pair of sneakers that coincided in color perfectly.

In between shots, Matthews took some time to pet and play with her two dogs that were lying nearby.

The new post appeared to be taken in a closet of some sort, as there was an overwhelming number of tennis shoes resting carefully on the white shelves surrounding her.

Matthews' fans wasted no time expressing their love for the new apparel she showed off. In under an hour, the video earned almost 100 comments from her 626,000 followers.

"So obsessed with the yellow," one person stated.

"You are amazing!!! I love all these looks!!!!" another fan remarked, adding a row of four hearts to their post.

"Flawless!! Love those leggings," a third follower commented.

Matthews, who dedicates a majority of her Instagram to promote fitness-inspired content, used her platform to promote the newly released collection of clothes for a company called Balance Athletica.

Her post racked up an impressive 6,000 likes shortly after it had gone live.