Tim Tebow to Host SNL? What Would Jesus Do?

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was featured last week in a “Saturday Night Live” skit, which can be seen here. Now, rumors are circulating that the show is thinking about asking the cherubic 24 year old quarterback to host an episode himself once the season is over.

Though there’s no word as to whether SNL has contacted Tebow just yet, insiders say that the show’s producers view a potential Tim Tebow show as ratings boost, though there’s some concern that they ought to be praying themselves that he will acquiesce.

NFL quarterbacks have hosted SNL before (Tom Brady and Peyton Manning), so it’s not an entirely foreign enterprise. However Tim Tebow, arguably best known for his outspoken Christianity, may turn the offer down due to the rift between his convictions and the show’s bawdy content.

It’s possible that the show’s pokes and prods at their usual celebrity hosts may take a slightly more personal and vicious animus against the devout Tebow’s personal beliefs and faith. Last week’s skit which featured Tebow (portrayed by Taran Killam) and Jesus Christ himself (played by Jason Sudekis) was called “anti-Christian bigotry” by evangelist Pat Robertson.

Tim Tebow has thus far proven to be a controversial figure in the NFL. Some say he’s lucky. Others, that he’s terrible and that he’ll never make it as a quarterback in the NFL. However, in spite of the skeptics, (and discounting last week’s loss to the New England Patriots) the guy just can’t seem to lose. Will appearing as host on SNL soften some of the criticism pointed his way?

What do you think? Should Tim Tebow “turn the other cheek” and host SNL sometime after the NFL season wraps?