Chicago Ridge Mall Food Fight: Stores Reopens After Alleged Gun Shots Heard In Mall Food Fight

Chicago, a city that is no stranger to gun shots and fighting, had a mall shut down over a "food fight" and gun shots Saturday evening. As the Inquisitr reported on Saturday, police responded to a developing fight within a Chicago Mall's food court.

As the police were initially responding, scattered reports were suggesting that shots were heard within the mall during the food fight.

Reports suggested that a sizable fight had begun initially, but slowly and surely, the crowd began to grow until there was a large mass of people that moved to the food court. At some point, various people stated that shots or pops were heard that turned into a panic. The mall later closed early as the situation was investigated by the authorities.

Now, according to CBS Chicago, police have reported that there were no arrests or injuries. The patrons gave conflicting accounts, including the one detail that closed the mall down in the first place. Most of the mall workers took cover and saw nothing, but those who were able to witness some of the resulting mess, recounted that they saw a hundred or more kids "causing a riot" in the food court.

According to Oak Lawn Patch, some police reports were also conflicting. One of two videos that have surfaced on personal Facebook accounts showing one officer handcuffing a male mall patron.

The news outlet states that, like CBS, the police seem to dispel the reports of shots fired. However, the investigation into these claims is still ongoing. The Chicago Ridge Mall released a statement about the incident.

"Good morning - We want to share an update with you. There was an incident in our food court last night. The Chicago Ridge police department responded and, along with our mall security team, decided to evacuate and close the mall at 7 p.m. rather than the usual 9 p.m. There were no injuries or arrests around the incident and police determined that no shots were fired. We want to thank the Chicago Ridge Police Department, area authorities, as well as our Chicago Ridge Mall security team and our tenants, all of whom responded quickly and professionally. Today, we're open as usual from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., though some of our department stores open earlier."
ABC-7 reported a similar incident at the Navy pier in Chicago. One hundred teenagers were said to have been involved in a large fight, and bystanders allegedly heard several gun shots.

[Image via Chicago Ridge Mall Facebook & Facebook ]