Three Former NFL Players Sue League After Suffering Brain Injury

Harry Jacobs, Jerome Barkum and Tommy Mason, three former players from the National Football League (NFL) have filed a lawsuit against the league after being diagnosed with various levels of brain injury.

The former players hope that their lawsuit will force the league to setup better monitoring programs that ensure the safety of all players.

According to the lawsuit the men each who received their injuries because of frequent tackles are also seeking unspecified personal-injury compensation.

In their argument the players say the NFL is responsible for their injuries and the injuries of other players because it knew or should have known about the effects that such brutal collisions have on players after they have retired from the sport.

In a response from the NFL a spokesman stated:

“The NFL has long made player safety a priority and continues to do so. Any allegation that the NFL intentionally sought to mislead players has no merit.”

The case is listed under: Jacobs v. National Football League, 11-CV-9345, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

In the meantime the NFL has recently decided to hire independent concussion specialists after quarterback Colt McCoy was tackled in a hard conclusion and the Cleveland Browns medical staff failed after the game to give him the proper concussion tests required under league rules.

Do you think the NFL needs more stringer concussion rules in order to ensure the safety of its players or should players be responsible for monitoring their own health?

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