‘The Interview’ Movie Now For Sale On iTunes, Coming To Netflix As Pay TV Rights Released

After much speculation and plenty of rumors running around the internet about The Interview movie never appearing on iTunes, The Interview movie is now available for sale on iTunes, reports Variety. Indeed, a search for The Interview on iTunes in the movies section turned up the R-rated movie, which has already received 40 positive star ratings as of this writing.

The Interview’s rental price is $5.99 on iTunes and $14.99 to buy, a similar pricing structure to be found on other websites that offer The Interview to buy or rent. As reported by the Inquisitr, The Interview was first released for users to buy or rent on YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox Video.

There hasn’t been a statement made as of yet as to why the release of the movie was delayed in coming to iTunes, but negotiations between Sony and Apple are the assumption for the delay. Apple issued a short statement about their pleasure to, at last, offer The Interview movie on their iTunes Store.

“We’re pleased to offer ‘The Interview’ for rental or purchase on the iTunes Store.”

Variety also reports that Netflix is still in negotiations to offer The Interview for sale on their platform, although no news or comments have been made about the movie coming to sites like Hulu or Amazon Instant Video.

The Interview pay TV rights were released by Starz, although viewers who’ve had problems when attempting to watch it on TV, after buying the movie on YouTube Movies, would appreciate being able to stream the movie on large flat TV screens instead of smaller mobile devices and laptop screens.

As The Interview movie legally appears on new platforms such as iTunes, news about hacker groups like Anonymous releasing the movie to download and watch online for free, overshadows other reports of The Interview being released via legal means.

In fact, CNN reports that The Interview was illegally downloaded 750,000 times on Christmas Day alone, as tracked by websites like TorrentFreak that keep their ear to the ground for illegally pirated movies. The very nature of the limited release of The Interview, coupled with the controversy that first predicted the movie would be held back from viewing audiences, completely caused a fervor for folks to want to watch the movie online as soon as it was available.

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