Watch ‘The Interview’ On TV After Buying The Film On YouTube Movies? Movie Might Not Play On TVs

The original title for this article was “Bought ‘The Interview’ On YouTube Movies And Want To Watch It On TV? Buffer, Buffer, Buffer” because perhaps you’re like this reporter and just plunked down $5.99 to watch The Interview movie from YouTube Movies – which was made available on Christmas Eve, as reported by the Inquisitr. Instead of settling for watching The Interview movie on the smaller screen of a MacBook Air laptop, an iPhone, or an iPad tablet, you might have dutifully “married” your YouTube account with your big flat-screen Vizio in your master bedroom or your “Life is Good” LG bigger flat-screen HDTV in your living room in hopes of getting all that Seth Rogen and James Franco goodness in 50 inches or more, with quality surround sound to boot.

Alas, after buying The Interview movie on YouTube Movies, a film which YouTube now reports as their “top selling” on the list of movies, users might find that clicking play on The Interview YouTube movie only returns the buffering “circle of death,” a circle that keeps on going in circles, making users think that The Interview movie is simply buffering. But it’s not. Other times, it flipped over to a YouTube video of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson singing on LIVE with Kelly and Michael – a YouTube video that enjoyed more than half a million views by Christmas Day, something this reporter suspects wouldn’t have as many views if not for folks trying to watch The Interview on their big screen TVs and getting flipped over to The Rock’s YouTube video instead.

After many tries and attempts to get The Interview to play on the big screen – after all, YouTube was able to successful pick up the correct YouTube account associated with those TVs – I, like many users no doubt, gave up and watched The Interview movie on a MacBook instead. Well worth it, despite critics panning The Interview roundly, as reported by The Hill.

Despite plenty of Googling to try and uncover other users having trouble with watching The Interview on TV after buying it on YouTube Videos, this writer only discovered tidbits from websites like CNET, which reported that you can only stream The Interview from a computer and not a mobile device – although The Interview appeared to stream just fine from my iPad – just not my TV. Therefore, if you’re trying to stream The Interview on your flat screen TV after buying it on YouTube Videos and are having problems, just know you’re not alone.

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