Fired Staff From Queen Latifah Show Gets An Inspiring Holiday Surprise

It’s been a month since Sony officially pulled the plug on the Queen Latifah Show. The production staff have all been fired, but they found out that their Christmas wasn’t going to be all gloom, thanks to the show’s host.

According to E! Online, Queen Latifah paid the staff through the holidays from her own pocket. With it, she wrote an inspirational letter on Facebook for the people who had worked so hard on the show that lasted two years on CBS.

“Thank you for your strong work ethic and great effort in getting The Queen Latifah Show off the ground and running. Your dedication and sacrifice was crucial to the entire team, and in the face of intense challenges, you displayed ‘True Grit’! Your family, partners, staff and crew showed up with you every step of the way. Be very proud of that! Not everyone can say the same. This letter is for me, my staff, my crew, and everyone who was by my side for this incredible journey. The most important thing in life is that you wake up every single day and take chances. No matter what the outcome…believe in yourself and continue to fly.”

Although the production staff has been officially laid off, the show will continue with original episodes until March of next year.

Queen Latifah’s appreciation doesn’t end at her staff.

When the Hollywood Reporter asked her about the sudden cancellation she explained that she was in shock, not from being cancelled but from all the people who supported the show.

“As I look back on it, I’m in shock at how many people have come on the show, supported the show and all the great things. I’ve been able to spend other people’s money to change people’s lives, which is the best thing to be able to do.”

The daytime talk show managed to secure some high-profile guests, including former president Bill Clinton and Nicole Kidman, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were producers.

Still, as reported by the Inquisitr, there are rumors that in the end the rap queen was not entirely dedicated to the project. An anonymous source indicated that the show was cancelled because the host was “phoning it in the whole time.”

It’s true that Queen Latifah has other projects on her plate, as her acting career continues to soar. According to E!, the rapper and actress is already getting lots of “buzz” for her portrayal of Bessie Smith in the HBO show Bessie.

[Image via CBS]