WWE News: ‘WWE Total Divas’ To Include Controversial Drug Scene, Violating WWE’s PG Policy

WWE has been TV-PG with all of their products for the last number of years. However, when they went into the reality show world with E! for their show Total Divas, WWE decided to loosen rules on PG up a little. Now it seems that in it’s third season, Total Divas will be moving into more of an adult realm.

Total Divas is planning to do a very controversial scene involving drugs.

According to WrestlingHeadlines.com, “An episode on the forthcoming season of the E! reality show features a scene where the Divas are at a party and indulge in spiked brownies, which the show hints were likely laced with marijuana. During the controversial scene, the Divas are drinking and eating the brownies while partying.”

Of course, if the girls did end up eating brownies knowing they were laced with marijuana, they would break the WWE Wellness Policy in possibly the most public way imaginable. If they are simply acting like drugs are in the brownies, then it would be the first time WWE has used open drug use on programming of any kind in years.

WWE tries not to have alcohol used on programming very often, so for them to jump to weed is possibly the biggest jump WWE could have done.

Most would see this as a sign that WWE is adding edgy content to their programming, and simply using reality television to start it. While this could be possible, WWE has been able to bring in bigger numbers in the PG Era than most would think. WWE was TV-14 for a very long time. However, when they began to go PG in 2007, it was for good reason. TV-14 was not selling as much as it needed to.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon thought that if he couldn’t bring in and keep the 18-35 male demographic weekly, he’d need to go back to making programming more family friendly. That has made more profit for WWE than all of the 2000s period before it. In the PG Era, stock was at its highest ever, and the WWE has made more partnerships than ever before.

PG was the best thing they could do. However, now fans want to see at least a little edge brought back. While some want another Attitude Era, this will never happen, especially in a world where people get easily offended and can’t even handle light jokes. That said, WWE would have to be delicate if they brought back edgy content again. This is why something such as spiked brownies on their reality show is essential. If it goes over well with fans, chances are that WWE might try more things.

However, due to the negative press WWE seems to already be getting for it, we may not even see the segment air on Total Divas. If we do, it would be the first TV-14 angle done since 2007, which would get a lot of WWE fans talking for sure.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]