Flash Mob Wedding Surprises Georgia Bride

Georgia bride-to-be Christina McGinnis was in for the shock of her life, when she was surprised by a flash mob wedding. Christina thought she was going to the Mall of Georgia to take wedding photos as a special project with a photographer friend. Then her fiance Brian Green surprised her.

USA Today reports that Green and McGinnis have been dating since 2010. The couple got engaged in 2013. Brian and Christina also have a daughter, Aspen, who is nearly 2-years-old. Wedding planning was proving too frustrating and expensive for the two.

“It took away the purpose and excitement of being married. The wedding is just the ceremony. The marriage is what’s important, so I just wanted to focus on the marriage.”

Brian decided to get creative with his wedding plans. He designed the entire flash mob wedding with help from friends and family to make sure that everyone was in place at the Mall of Georgia. McGinnis had no idea what her fiance had planned.

“I didn’t have a clue. Not one clue.”

The video was filmed with hidden cameras and even a drone mounted with a camera, according to local news reporters WSB-TV Atlanta. Christina walks around with the photographer toward a giant Christmas tree in the center of the Mall of Georgia complex. The photographer told McGinnis that he preferred taking photos on the other side of the Christmas tree, where Christina’s father was waiting. Meanwhile, a mob family and friends comes out of hiding and formed for the wedding.

Brian’s brother, Chris, produced the video of the flash mob. Chris annotated the wedding video, calling it “the story of a groom who dared to create something special for his bride.” The video already has over 600,000 views on YouTube.

Watch Christina and Brian tie the knot in a video of the flash mob wedding below.

Christmas is often the season for creative wedding ideas. As reported by the Inquisitr, one flash mob proposal was inspired by Bruno Mars. New York league soccer player Sean Murdoch surprised his girlfriend, Charissa, with Mars’ “Marry Me,” and brought Times Square to a standstill. The Broadway Dance Centre provided some assistance to Murdoch, who joined in the dance. Even Murdoch’s mother and sister flew in from the UK.

Flash mobs are becoming more popular, with dances, proposals, and now weddings joining the list of events that people are commemorating in special ways.

[Photo Source: Today]