PlayStation And Xbox Hackers Revealed? 3 Members Under Age 20 Allegedly Make Up ‘Lizard Squad’

Are the PlayStation and Xbox hackers being revealed? One man, who goes by the name of “Ryan,” claims to be a member of the Lizard Squad and says a few other members comprise the squad. He adds that the Christmas Day hacking was meant to expose weak security.

Ryan spoke with U.K.’s Sky News via Skype from Finland and explained why they hacked the PlayStation and Xbox systems.

“There’s the core members [of Lizard Squad], which is about three or four people, who actually perpetrated the attacks…there are various other people involved. This attack was basically done by three people.”

“Why we did it? Mostly… to raise awareness… one of the big aspects here is raising awareness regarding the low state of computer security of these companies. They should have more than enough funding to protect against these attacks.”

Ryan was asked if he feels at all guilty about being one of the PlayStation and Xbox hackers, and he implied kids need more to do than play on gaming consoles.

“I’d be rather worried if [gamers] didn’t have anything better to do than play games on their consoles on Christmas Eve an Christmas day. I feel bad… I might have forced a couple kids to spend time with their families instead of playing games.”

Ryan goes on to say that the hacking group did this mostly for their amusement, and it was “sort of a game” for them. He understands that the hacking was a “bit unethical.”

He boasts that the squad has “massive capability to take down networks like this.”

The man who declares himself a member of the Lizard Squad rants about the tens of millions of dollars that these companies make from subscribers and such, but don’t invest enough in their own system’s security. He further adds that if companies like Microsoft and Sony allow this type of security breach to occur, then their “overall level of security” isn’t so great either, yet people still give them their credit card information.

On Saturday, the Xbox Live status page indicated that Microsoft was up and running, but PlayStation was still working on it.

As noted by Gawker, online hackers do everything in their power to remain anonymous. It’s a little strange that “Ryan” would identify himself and the other two men as the PlayStation and Xbox hackers.

When news first broke of the Christmas Day hacking, Lizard Squad supposedly teamed up with “Anonymous” to accomplish their goal.

See the interview with the alleged Xbox hacker here.

[Photo Credit: Sky News]

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