Watch ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ One-Letter Guess: $91K Winner Breaks Game Show’s Record Without Solving Bonus Round Puzzle

An amazing Wheel Of Fortune one-letter guess made contestant Matt DeSanto one of the best players ever on the popular television game show, and he didn’t even solve the bonus round puzzle. The Huffington Post reports that DeSanto took home more than $91,000 during the episode that aired on December 26, thanks to his ability to win every round leading up to the bonus puzzle.

Starting with a quick win solving the puzzles “Peaches And Cream” with just four letters on the board, DeSanto went on to win round after round against his opponents — something that has not happened since 2011.

The second round was the most impressive win when he went solved “The Lone Ranger” puzzle with just a single “E” on the board. Not only did DeSanto solve the word with one letter, he did so with no hesitation, just seconds after the famous letter-turner, Vanna White, revealed the sole letter on the Wheel of Fortune board. (Watch his winning moment in the video above.)

Matt DeSanto ruled the entire game on Friday night’s episode, winning $14,000 in the main round before any of the other contestants were able to take their turns. Quite possibly the best player ever — or at least in recent Wheel of Fortune history — DeSanto won a trip to Mississippi in round two, and a week-long vacation to Jamaica in round three.

Although he was on a roll with his puzzle-solving abilities, Hollywood Take reports that Matt may have missed out on the trip to Jamaica if it weren’t for his unlucky opponents. DeSanto initially solved the third round Wheel of Fortune puzzle incorrectly, but the two other contestants both spun a “bankrupt” on their round, giving Matt, who hails from Pennsylvania, a second chance at solving the puzzle.

Matt’s lucky streak continued when he won an additional $30,000 in the final round, giving him a total win of $91,000 before he went to the bonus round, something Hollywood Take states is the “highest pre-bonus round total ever.”

It wasn’t until DeSanto got to the bonus round that his luck ran out. He failed to solve the puzzle “Wooden Gavel” but didn’t seem all that disappointed. After all, he was taking home $91,892 without the bonus — a hefty sum and one that goes down in history as a Wheel of Fortune record.

[Image: YouTube Screengrab]