Texas Family Awarded $150 Billion For Man Being Burned Alive

A Texas jury awarded the family of a man burned alive when he was 8 the highest award ever recorded in the history of jurisprudence…a whopping $150 Billion Dollars!

The Associated Press is reporting that Robert Middleton was set on fire when he was 8 years old and has been in the hospital ever since. Well, as fate would have it he succumbed to his wounds 12 years later and died when he was 20. An attorney for the family of Middleton filed a wrongful death suit against Don Willburn Collins for setting Robert on fire 12 years ago.

Collins is in prison currently for an unrelated sex crime. Neither he nor any attorney representing him was present for the trial. The Texas Department of Correction has no comment on the matter.

The family knows that this verdict is symbolic and none of the money will actually ever be paid. The wanted to make a statement by asking for more money than the second largest verdict in history, the $145 Billion dollars awarded to the State of Florida when it won its suit against the tobacco companies. The Jury was happy to comply.

Should this verdict have made it this far or is it a colossal waste of taxpayers money?