Mexico Crop Circles Appear Overnight On Christmas Eve Following Local Reports Of ‘Bright Lights’ [Video]

Some barley fields in Mexico’s Texcoco region were garnered with strange sprawling crop circle designs overnight Christmas Eve.

Crop circles have been appearing around the world for decades, many believing the often very intricate and massive designs to be messages from some otherworldly entity. Skeptics, meanwhile, have long called crop circles man-made poppycock.

Regardless, the fresh new crop circles in Mexico have sparked the curiosity of many, with hundreds of people and the media turning out in droves to witness the mysterious — and possibly alien — crop circle designs.

The mystery of the seven-hectare crop circle pattern that appeared in the Texcoco, Mexico, barley fields on Christmas eve remains unsolved, reports RT, along with several Mexican media outlets.

The Christmas Eve skies in the area of Mexico where the crop circles appeared were reportedly cloudy and rainy, but many locals in the Texcoco region, located about 25 kilometers from Mexico City, reported seeing bright lights in those skies overnight. Like gifts left by Santa Claus, the local residents found the crop circles in the morning which, coupled with the strange lights, left many in wonder at the bizarre crop circle patterns in their local barley field.

Mexico crop circles
Hundreds of people came out to witness the odd-patterned crop circles that appeared in some Texcoco, Mexcico, barley fields overnight on Christmas Eve.

One of those reporting the strange lights of Mexico, and more, was an anonymous local woman who told police she was witnessing “the presence of aliens in farming areas and various figures in the crops,” according to El Universal newspaper.

Mexico’s federal and municipal police responded to the crop circle fields in question, and while they have yet to establish who — or what — created the crop circles, they have set up a perimeter to guard the fields. Police were joined by a crowd of at least 2,000 people. Among the curious spectators were several scientists examining the crop circles and surrounding area, while also gathering photographic evidence from the Mexico crop circle scene.

At the same time, examination of these new Mexico crop circles revealed that they weren’t quite as intricate or extraordinary as other crop circles that have popped up around the world. In fact, the more onlookers examined the crop circles, the more they began to speculate that if extraterrestrial beings were, in fact, responsible for these Mexico crop circles, they’d perhaps been making merry on Christmas Eve and gotten too jolly while creating their crop circle message.

So while rumors are flourishing that the Mexico crop circles are an “alien sign,” others have taken to social media to point out that if this is so, the aliens must have been “drunk.” One man called these Mexico crop circles, “crap circles.”

Video posted on a YouTube crop circles channel also shows these Texcoco, Mexico, crop circles to be far less sophisticated than hundreds of other examples of the crop circle phenomenon.

Along with aliens, other theories among locals of what may have created the Mexico crop circles include the legendary chupacabra, or “goat sucker,” while others believe it’s just a strange occurrence brought on by the wind.

Regardless, the Mexico crop circles brought a Christmas morning surprise to Texcoco, leaving plenty of wonder.

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