‘Far Cry 4’ Mods Allow You To Relive ‘Goldeneye’ In Kryat

Far Cry 4 is largely considered one of the best games of 2014, and it appears Ubisoft is trying its hardest to make sure the game stays on the top of most lists. The company just recently released a Far Cry 4 patch for the PC which allows users to construct their own levels with seemingly near limitless possibilities.

Crafting is certainly nothing new to video games, but Far Cry 4 is one of the first games that comes to the format looking so pretty. Quite a few games that offer this level of access are going to be slightly stepped down in the graphics department for a whole host of reasons. Far Cry 4 isn’t stepping down its graphics in order to let people put together levels they have been wanting to see for years.

The newest patch is even allowing people to bring some places and scenes from games that were last popular 20 years ago or more to Far Cry 4 and Kryat. The Far Cry 4 for PC patch has led to one imaginative gamer to bring back a level from the uber-popular James Bond video game Goldeneye. Design & Trend found a YouTuber who was able to build this particular level.

While the facility level in Goldeneye isn’t pixel by pixel perfect in Far Cry 4, you can see in the following video that Ezzy Off The Wall did a very good job of at least harkening back to the 1997 version of Goldeneye that was available on the Nintendo 64. One way you can tell there really have been almost 20 years elapsed since the original Goldeneye version and this Far Cry 4 build is that the level starts off killing a couple of guards who are engaged in something that wouldn’t have been allowed on the N64 back in 1997.

The really good news about this patch is the fact that it simply shows what anyone can do to the wonderful world of Kryat should they have a little imagination. The ability to make almost anything on the PC will no doubt lead to some really other great levels that will have quite a bit of playability and replayability. This level of Goldeneye is likely just the beginning, and it won’t be too long before other people start following suit. One look around YouTube shows that people have been finding all kinds of different ways to enjoy Far Cry 4, even if they aren’t all that excited about the included missions.