Bill O’Reilly: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Is ‘Anti-Police’

David Wangberg

Even though he was on vacation, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly felt the need to call into his own show, The O'Reilly Factor, to slam New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for the murders of two New York City Police Department officers.

According to Fox News Insider, Greg Gutfeld sat in for O'Reilly during the show. Shortly after introducing the segment on the murders of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, Gutfeld took O'Reilly's call.

O'Reilly began by praising the NYPD.

"My grandfather was NYPD. I know the city as well as any human being, and I know that the New York City Police Department, at this point in 2014, [is] probably the best local police agency in the world. What they've done with crime is stunning. A city that had 3,000 murders a year is now down to 300 – in that range."

But Bill O'Reilly quickly turned and began attacking Mayor Bill de Blasio for how he has handled the city.

"You have a mayor that comes in, a man named Bill de Blasio. He is a far left individual, who is incompetent. He cannot run the city of New York."

O'Reilly also went after the killer of the two police officers, Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

"[He's] a total loser [with] 20 arrests, a high school dropout, [and] no father that we know of – the usual cultural devastation."

When it comes to the actual murder of the two officers, Bill O'Reilly noted that it is only Brinsley who is responsible, since he carried out the heinous act. But the protestors also bear some responsibility for Brinsley committing his crime.

"Aiding and abetting Brinsley and other maniacs? [It was] those protesters who yelled 'we want dead cops.' Everybody heard it. Those people should be shunned. If you know them, never speak to them again. They aided this."

Bill O'Reilly circled back and went after de Blasio again, whom he called the "true villain" of this case, but he clarified that he knows it wasn't de Blasio who carried out the crime. O'Reilly also claimed de Blasio got elected because not many people turned out for the New York City mayoral elections.

"He was a machine politician, and he is an anti-police individual. And now he's in trouble. Now, he's trying to backtrack. But he has been anti-police his whole career."

O'Reilly also called out de Blasio for a comment the mayor made to his son in regards to the NYPD.

"De Blasio actually is proud that he told his teenage son that he may face quote 'dangers when interacting with the NYPD.' What kind of a responsible father tells that to his son?"

It was when the mayor came out and called the murders an "alleged beating" that the NYPD lost respect for de Blasio, Bill O'Reilly stated.

"That insulted every single officer, all 35,000 NYPD were insulted. Alleged? You saw it with your own eyes, you pinhead. Once he said that, that was the end."

O'Reilly applauded the officers who turned their backs to the mayor.

"When he went to the hospital over the weekend where the two police officers were being treated, police officers turned their backs on Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York City. Good for them."

O'Reilly then called for de Blasio's resignation for this crime.

"This is an individual who should resign today. He cannot run the city. He has lost the control of the police department and the respect. They will never come back no matter what he says."

Bill O'Reilly is not the only person calling out de Blasio for his comments. A separate Fox News Insider report states that Judge Jeanine Pirro went after the New York City mayor on her show, Justice with Judge Jeannine, for his description of the incident.

"He can't even admit the police were attacked. He says they were 'allegedly attacked.' Mr. Mayor, I know you're new at this, but you're allowing your prejudice toward police to interfere with the facts."

In a related report from the Inquisitr, Bill de Blasio called for a stop to the protests until the two murdered police officers were buried. But the protestors didn't comply, and the protests are still occurring in the city.

[Images via Independent Journal Review and FrontPage Mag]