Jessica Chambers’ Dad Says ‘Nobody Seems To Know Anything’ About His Daughter’s Death

It has been over three weeks since the horrendous burning death of Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers. However, police seem to be no closer to finding the murderer or murderers than they were on day one. This has left many following the case frustrated and asking for answers, including Jessica’s own father, Ben Chambers.

The Associated Press reports that with the reward for information reaching nearly $18,000, police had hoped for more leads. However, it seems that leads are running dry, according to Ben Chambers. Ben works for the local Sheriff’s department, but has said they are keeping him far from the investigation, noting they are “looking out for my benefit.”

“They don’t want me to see the evidence up there. I understand their point too, they’re looking out for my benefit. They don’t want me to see things that bring back memories, or see something that maybe I’ll think someone had something to do with it and I’ll go do something to some innocent person. They’re doing everything by the book when it comes to me.”

However, Chambers can’t help but note that the information from those in the community involving the burning death of his daughter is almost “unbelievable.” Ben says that the people who usually “know everything about everything” are remaining silent on his daughter’s death.

“Nobody seems to know anything.”

Though the police are coming up empty-handed on any real leads in the case of the burning death of Jessica Chambers, the internet is abuzz with speculations and new “evidence.” Hactivists and data miners across the web have consistently updated their pages with new details about the people of Panola County and potentially exposing suspects in the Jessica Chambers death.

However, not everyone is happy about the data mining that is taking place. Some fear it is placing “innocent” members of the community in harm’s way. For example, the store clerk/owner/supervisor (depends on which media outlet you ask on what his official title is) who has been accused of cutting out some of the surveillance footage of Jessica’s final hours has received death threats following the posts by hacktivists.

With on-the-ground information reportedly drying up for police in Panola County, should the FBI take the reins in the investigation? Though Jessica’s parents have claimed to remain fully supportive of the police investigation, Ben Chambers seems to be losing hope that the killer will be found following the silence in the community even after the increased reward.