Vatican Prepares To Canonize First Native American Saint

Kateri Tekakwitha will become the first Native American to be canonized by the Vatican.

The decision came after a young boy was able to recover from flesh-eating bacteria after his parents prayed to the 17th-century woman. Researching the boys 2006 recovery the Vatican called it a miracle and quickly decided to canonize the 17th-century woman who herself had survived smallpox as a girl in upstate New York, a disease that left her alive but disfigured.

Speaking to the boys mom said:

“There is no doubt in me or my husband’s mind that a miracle definitely took place,” while adding, “There were far too many things that could have and should have gone wrong with his illness. The doctors went through every avenue they could to save his life and he survived. It’s a miracle that all of the other things that could have gone wrong, didn’t.”

At this time the date of canonization has not been announced, the Vatican is expected to provide a canonization date in the coming months.

Do you believe canonizing people of different nationalities and backgrounds is an important part of spreading the churches message or has the Vatican jumped too quickly in the canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha?