Monster Catfish Caught By Young Fisher, Weighs 208-Pounds And Is 8-Feet In Length

A 208-pound catfish was caught by a 14-year-old boy while on vacation in Spain. The monster fish also measured eight feet in length, Opposing Views reports.

Sam Lee and his father were out fishing when the gigantic fish went for the live bait in the water. Sam was determined to get a hold of the giant catfish, so he fought with it about 30 minutes. The fish managed to go downstream a ways before Sam was able to get a good hold of it for photos.

Sam’s father, Peter, is amazed about the whole thing and adds that the 208-pound catfish was released back into the water.

“Sam certainly hit the jackpot with that monster. He was exhausted but ecstatic after the fish was eventually landed, weighed and photographed. It was safely returned to the river and swam away in good health.”

In the Daily Mirror’s report, it reveals that Sam caught a 133-pound fish last year, and he didn’t think he could beat that. Well, this year’s catch might be the one to beat. A 208-pound, eight-foot-long catfish isn’t something you see every day.

Peter reportedly reeled in a rare albino catfish weighing 116 pounds during their holiday to the River Ebro in Catalonia. Peter and Sam go there specifically to find big catfish, and they succeeded in their mission. Peter says Sam is doing pretty good for his third trip back to the Ebro.

“This was his third trip to the Ebro in search of giant catfish. The big one took 35 minutes to land and Sam had to be taken out in a boat by the guide from the swim to play and land it as it stripped 100m of line on its first big run. Sam did brilliantly to land it.”

In August 2011, a fisher at the same location caught an eight-foot long, 194-pound wels catfish. It was a rare albino catfish that was weighed and photographed before it was released.

According to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the largest all-tackle record is a 297-pound, nine-ounce fish in Italy’s River Po.

These areas of the world and around Europe boast some of the largest fish anyone has seen.

The Inquisitr has written on other stories surrounding monster fish that have been reeled in. A world record-breaking halibut at 515-pounds was captured by a German fisherman off the waters of Norway. It reportedly took 90 minutes to reel the monster fish onto a 19-foot boat, which wasn’t quite large enough to hold the enormous catch.

[Photo Credit: Daily Mirror]