Ariana Grande Proves That She’s More Than Just A Singer

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande can sing. But did you know that she can do some celebrity impressions of the hottest women in music? Grande was singing long before her music was all over the radio and atop the music charts.

Thanks to some of Ariana’s fans and their YouTube accounts, videos of the singer reemerged on the internet. In the videos, Ariana does some amazing impressions of popular singers like Britney Spears and Shakira.

Grande’s Britney Spears impersonation is spot on, according to The Huffington Post. Close your eyes and watch the video. You’ll think that it was Spears singing “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.” However, it seems like Grande sings the song better than Spears herself.

Watch the video for yourself to decide:

Ariana does a great impersonation of Shakira. She’s been seen singing just like the Latin singer herself.

That’s not the only celebrity impersonations that Grande can do. There’s a five-minute mashup video of Grande doing various impressions. It’s a hilarious video, if you want to check it out for yourself. She also does an impression of a baby crying at the 1:41 mark.

When Ariana isn’t busy making celebrity impressions, she’s also creating makeup tutorials. She uploaded a video of her daily makeup routine, if you ever wondered how to look like the singer. The video, posted in 2012, shows Ariana talking about her favorite makeup and how she does it every day.

BuzzFeed gets all the credit for re-releasing the Ariana Grande makeup tutorial video. It already has over 10 million views. You can’t say this singer is irrelevant.

In the video, Grande walks her fans through her beauty regimen. She doesn’t look like the sexy Lolita that she portrays on stage and in her music videos. Grande looks like any other cute girl down the block.

Ariana puts her foundation on with her fingers. She also cracks a joke and says that the way she applies her foundation “is never right, but that’s what I do.” It appears that Ariana has a sense of humor that we never get to see.

The makeup tutorial is hilarious, much like Grande’s celebrity impressions. She cracks jokes and quotes Jenna Marbles, according to Refinery 29. It’s a great way of seeing a glimpse of Grande behind the diva façade.

Grande recently revealed that she’s not a fan of Santa Claus. As reported on the Inquisitr, she’s actually “repulsed” by the fictional Christmas character.

Ariana really never explained why she hates him. It just seems like she’s not really in the Christmas spirit this year. Unless Ariana is just being sarcastic and revealing her odd sense of humor once again, which doesn’t come off well in print interviews.

[Image by Melissa Rose from Flickr via Wikimedia Commons]