Drake Bell’s Instagram Allegedly (And Hilariously) Hacked By A Justin Bieber Fan

Drake Bell’s Instagram account was hacked on Boxing Day. The hack job appears to have been carried out by a Justin Bieber fan or group of Beliebers, based on the multiple snaps of Bieber with favorable captions and vice versa for Bell that flooded Drake’s feed.

Bell’s Instagram account is now set to private, but fans screenshot images and messages and posted them online.

Drake Bell's Hacked Instagram

(Screengrab via Instagram)

This latest incident is the latest installment in the Bieber-Bell feud, that is now approaching the three year mark of mostly one-sided attacks by the former Nickelodeon actor against the Canadian.

Back in 2012, Bell trolled the “Baby” singer on Twitter with rude, juvenile remarks for two years, with one benign reply from Bieber. Bell later urged his social media followers to sign the infamous petition demanding Bieber’s deportation to his native Canada. Bell has also been consistent about retweeting offensive tweets sent by his followers to either Justin or Beliebers.

Following an incendiary BuzzFeed interview in April, in which Bell declared himself a role model while slamming Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Bieber as “entitled” artists and their fans as “terrible” or “awful people,” Bell’s venom has been reserved for the heartthrob.

After Bieber shaded Bell’s album launch party that same month, in September Bell told a female, teen Instagram user who was defending Bieber, “I hope you die soon.”

In November, following Justin’s breakup with actress-singer Selena Gomez, Drake posted an Instagram photo of the starlet along with the message, “This is the only reason anyone cares about @justinbieber anymore! Without her he is nothing.”

Drake Bell

(Screenshot via Drake Bell Instagram.)

Fast forward to Christmas Day, Bell — seemingly unaware of the concept of cause and effect — tweeted, “My Christmas wish is the eradication of all Beliebers even on Christmas they are sending me death threats and hate!! It’s freakin Christmas!”

In response to the hacking, Bell, 28, posted a pic of himself in bed on Instagram, writing, “Well this was interesting to wake up to hahahahahaha someone had time on their hands,” before adding seasonal greetings.

Bieber hasn’t commented about the matter online. Naturally, Beliebers are delighted with the hacking of Bell’s Instagram, as the top trending topics of “Drake Bell’s Instagram” and “#DrakeBellsPassword” on Twitter soon after the hack shows.

A snapshot of Twitter reactions from Beliebers follows below.

Some time after the first wave of the drama, someone pretending to be Bieber responded at his Instagram account with a message thanking fans for the hack.

It is fake, as the absence of the blue tick for verified Instagram accounts indicates.