Road Rage At Home: Angry Woman Rams Car Through Estranged Husband’s House [Video]

In the latest of road rage incidents, this one has more of a “home” theme to it in a domestic dispute.

An angry woman from Southington, Connecticut, rammed her car through her husband’s house, causing substantial damage. Jennifer Luisi, 31, had been arguing with her estranged husband, Michael Luisi, before the event happened. Police say when their argument escalated, Luisi got into her car and began driving on the home’s front lawn before slamming into the house.

News 8 WTNH reports that law enforcement responded to the husband’s call around 9 p.m. about the fight he was having with Luisi.

“As I was on the phone with 911, that is when she drove the car though my house,” Luisi’s husband says.

By the time police arrived on the scene, the off-road rage call led to Luisi driving her car into the Michael Luisi’s house by going through his front door and stopping in the living room.

It all allegedly began when Jennifer Luisi started banging on her husband’s door. When he refused to answer it, he called 911. Apparently, their argument was through the door, and when Luisi grew further upset, she hopped into her car and drove right into his home.

Officers say there wasn’t any kind of restraining order in place between the battling couple. Additionally, police think alcohol played a role in Luisi’s behavior. After speaking with Luisi, her husband, and witnesses, police conclude that she drove her vehicle through the victim’s home. The homeowner is shocked at his wife’s actions.

“I’m really at a loss for words, at this point, it never entered my mind that a woman in her thirties would do something like this.”

Following the domestic dispute road rage incident, Luisi was charged with “criminal violation of a protective order, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, driving under the influence of alcohol, and breach of peace,” the report reveals. She’s currently being held on $250,000 bond.

My Record Journal adds that no one was injured in the home road rage incident. Michael and Jennifer Luisi have been married 12 years. Mrs. Luisi has a history of mental issues and substance abuse. She’s been placed on suicide watch. If convicted on her charges, she faces five years in prison.

As the photo clearly shows, Jennifer Luisi was able to ram her car through the very middle of her husband’s house during her road rage-like anger. Needless to say, it also damaged essential wiring and infrastructure that has to be repaired.

[Image via WTNH]