Cablevision Adds HBO Go And MAX Go Access

Only hours after they dropped their false advertising lawsuit against Verizon the team at Cablevision revealed access to HBO Go and MAX Go streaming applications.

Available on Android, iPhone and iPad devices the program allows Cablevision subscribers to watch past episodes from the “best” shows on HBO and Cinemax.

In order to use the new systems users need to download one of the free mobile applications and then authenticate their Optimum account.

With Cablevision joining Time Warner and other cable companies the HBO Go service now allows 98 percent of American cable TV subscribers to watch their favorite HBO shows outside of traditional TV or through pay-per-show digital services such as Amazon and iTunes.

The move also deals another blow to streaming service Netflix who recently lost their contract to Starz, a contract that will expire in February and leave the streaming service with almost no worthwhile new movies until new deals kick in with Pixar and other studios.

Do you plan on taking advantage of either the HBO Go or MAX Go streaming services through your Cablevision account?

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