Cablevision Ends Verizon False Advertising Lawsuit

Cablevision on Monday dropped their lawsuit against Verizon. The lawsuit was filed after Verizon ran several commercials in which they claimed the cable provider was blatantly lying about the actual speed of their broadband service.

The Verizon ads claimed that Cablevision only delivered their advertised internet speeds 59 percent of the time during peak hours, a finding that came directly from a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) study.

The study, conducted in August 2011, found that the company failed to deliver their promised internet data during peak hours, however that study was called “outdated” before Verizon ran their speed based ads.

On December 12 Verizon filed papers with the court in which they promised to change certain aspects of their ads to reflect the complaints made against them by Cablevision. According to the filing Verizon will not call the FCC report “new” or “recent” in the ads. Verizon has also promised not to state that the study reflects Cablevision’s “current speed performance.”

The Verizon ads came at a time when Verizon took issue with Cablevision calling their own network the “fastest” when they believe the Verizon FiOS network is far superior.

While ISP’s often make claims about each others speed benchmarks this is one of the first times a major lawsuit was filed over those claims.

An out of court settlement has been reach and both sides have refused to release details regarding that settlement.

Do you think Verizon FiOS is a faster and more reliable network than the system currently offered by Cablevision?

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