Will Robin Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ New Trailer Hints at Boy Wonder’s Return

Can Batman take on Bane all by himself in “The Dark Knight Rises?” Does he need a little help from his trusted sidekick Robin? The new trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises,” which was released today, hints at a possible appearance from the Boy Wonder.

About 12 seconds into the new trailer you can see a group of people holding up a sign that spells “Rogue.” But there’s something familiar about that “R…”

Cinema Blend reports that the “R” in Rogue is practically identical to the Robin logo from the comics. Christopher Nolan has said that he wouldn’t be including Robin in his trilogy, so maybe this is just an homage to the Boy Wonder. Or, maybe it’s a hint about a big surprise in “The Dark Knight Rises.”


Do you want to see Robin in the new Batman movie? Here’s a look at how Chris O’Donnell handled the character back in 1995.

If Robin is in the new Batman, who will be playing him? Will it be a new actor or someone already on the cast list? The obvious answer is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is currently billed as John Blake, a cop who helps Batman take down Bane.

What do you think? Will “The Dark Knight Rises” show Joseph Gordon-Levitt turn into Robin? You can see the new trailer here.