Leah Messer Vehemently Denies She Stole Disabled Daughter’s Trust Fund Money

Leah Messer has recently been in the news headlines with allegations of cheating and drug taking, among others, being made about her.

While Messer was quick to deny the claims that she was taking illicit drugs, she was also understandably outraged by the reports in the media, claiming she had stolen $50,000 from her disabled daughter’s trust fund.

Radar Online reported on Tuesday that the Teen Mom 2 star was accused of stealing the money from a trust fund which had been set up for her 5-year-old daughter Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

As reported by the publication, an insider alleged, “The account was totally drained. The money is supposed to go to college tuition, or in Ali’s case, medical needs. But Leah took all of it.”

Obviously, there was no way that Leah Messer was going to take such serious and derogatory accusations lying down, as she lashed out on Twitter, insisting, “My girls still have they’re [sic] money! It’s just not at the bank your [sic] looking at,” she posted.

Along with the rumors of drug taking and stealing, some media outlets reported that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s marriage was on the rocks, with allegations of cheating on both sides.

But according to Messer’s Tweet on Tuesday the relationship is back on track, as she wrote. “Jerm and I wanna go to Gatlitsburg, TN, and get a cabin … Does anyone have any cabins in mind?”

With that possibly rhetorical question, Messer put to bed the rumors of a rift between her and “Jerm,” and it seems wholly feasible that the $50,000 trust fund cash is being held elsewhere, in a separate bank account.

With all the scrutiny focused on her and her family, Leah Messer will no doubt be looking forward to a quiet, paparazzi free Christmas, away from the glare of the media.

No doubt she will find herself in a headline or two soon, Christmas or not.