Ali Simms Bank Account Drained? Leah Messer Responds To Allegations

Corrina Jean - Author

Dec. 23 2014, Updated 2:35 p.m. ET

Aleeah and Ali Simms have grown up in the spotlight on reality television. As a result, they have benefited financially from their time on MTV. However, there are new rumors circulating that their mother, Leah Messer-Calvert, nearly drained Ali’s bank account.

With so much drama surrounding the mom of three, it seems there is a new rumor circulating about her every day. However, none of the rumors have taken aim at her parenting until now. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, sources alleged that Leah “drained” $50,000 from Ali’s bank account. Adding drama to the story is the fact that Ali has a disability that results in an immense amount of medical bills. Is there any truth to this rumor, though? Not according to Leah! She took to Twitter to address the ridiculous rumors.

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Some fans have wondered if it is even possible for Leah to touch Ali Simms money since she is a child and should have a trust fund set up for her. The Ashley points out that, as reality show children, Ali and Aleeah are not protected under the Coogan Laws which require a certain amount of money to be set aside for child actors. The law was originally passed in 1939 after child actor Jackie Coogan had realized the millions of dollars that he earned as a child had been squandered by his parents. Even though Ali and Aleeah are not protected under this act, they can still have a savings account which would be accessible by Leah if she needed the money for something that would benefit her daughters. Seeing as how Ali Simms has medical expenses, there is no doubt that some of that money would be used for that. However, Leah insists that the money has not been touched.

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She continued saying on Twitter, “It’s just not at the bank your looking at. #Crazyy”

Leah also took aim at the fact that people have to hide behind “a source.” As a reality show star, Leah has to be careful who she trusts and realizes that people will likely sell her out any chance they get. As she has seen over the past few weeks, that has happened. Ever since initial rumors of her alleged cheating hit the web, rumors of alleged drug abuse have surfaced and now the rumors regarding Ali’s alleged missing money.

Corey Simms, the father of Ali and Aleeah, recently went to court to fight for cull-custody of the girls. While he did not receive full-custody, he was awarded an extra day with his daughters each week. While reports have suggested that Leah was upset over the new agreement, she says that she is happy and that it benefits her daughters.

Despite all of the rumors going around, it is obvious that Aleeah and Ali Simms are loved by their mother and all their family members.

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