WWE News: Ex-WWE Superstar Says He Wants To Die After Latest Injury

Joe Burgett - Author

Dec. 24 2014, Updated 8:36 a.m. ET

In WWE or any professional wrestling promotion, injuries are common. They come with the territory, and you have to either get over them or come back from them as best you can. The recovery process is often very difficult, a fact that even non-athletes can understand.

However, it seems that some wrestlers cannot always handle the physical and emotional trauma of a potentially career-ending injury. After his latest and quite serious mishap, former WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu stunned his fans and friends when tweeted that he wanted to die.

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Tatsu was wrestling in Japan against AJ Styles. Styles used his finisher, “The Styles Clash.” The move is common for him, and one he is famous for using. To most observers, the move doesn’t seem like it’s very dangerous. However, if the hold is not landed correctly, a wrestler can break their neck. That is exactly what happened to Tatsu.

Styles has hurt others with this move, but the main reason they get hurt is not that the move is overly dangerous. Some wrestlers just do not know how to land it. In TNA, reports of Styles messing up the move or issues with it were never present. It has been on the Indy scene or in Japan that injuries have resulted from the move. The main reason is, simply put, the way a wrestler on the receiving end of “The Styles Clash” hits the mat.

WWE and other organizations have banned moves they feel are high risk. For a long time, most major companies banned the piledriver due to injuries to major stars, including WWE Superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Neck injuries are common with moves like the piledriver, and lately, “The Styles Clash.”””

That said, people have asked for the ban of the move. Tatsu, who was famous for his work in NJPW before joining WWE years ago, went back to Japan to continue doing well there. However, his career could be over, depending on how he recovers. If he cannot manage a comeback, there could be some issues mentally. Tatsu reportedly tweeted from his bedside that he wanted to die, but the tweet was removed later.

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Regardless of him removing a tweet, the thought of this is bad right now. Anyone who has hurt their neck or undergone neck surgery can really feel for Tatsu. However, this could be a good time for him to be watched. Wrestlers tend to have issues retiring from the ring; not always because of the money it brings, but because they crave the live crowd reactions. When they cannot have that, it can be depressing. It can be more difficult to let go if a talent is hurt and cannot get back in the ring.

WWE hired Tatsu in his 30s and let him go a little while back due to not being able to really use him. He is now 37. This is a time many wrestlers start to bring their career to a close. So, this might be a blessing in disguise for him.

In the ring or in life, Tatsu’s future depends on his ability to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Hopefully, his friends, family and fellow wrestlers will be there to help him recover.

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