Was Jessica Chambers On The Way To Women’s Shelter On Night Of Murder? Leah’s House Possible Destination

With local police remaining mum on the evidence surrounding the Jessica Chambers burning murder, many internet sleuths are continuing to compile information to provide to the public. With various “Anonymous” hacktivists, social media sleuths, and data miners working to bring Justice for Jessica, a number of theories discussing why Jessica Chambers was found burning to death in such a rural area have been brought to light.

One particularly interesting theory is that Jessica was on her way to a place she knew well, Leah’s House. Leah’s House is a “safe place” for adult women to find restoration and recovery. Jessica’s father referred to the place as a “battered women’s shelter”; however, Leah’s House is as a “ministry” that “helps women ages 18 and over who have been incarcerated, deal with addictions, behavioral problems, self-harm, depression, and others.”

According to The Conservative Treehouse, Leah’s House has been confirmed as the place that Jessica went for “support, restoration, healing and comfort.” Jessica Chamber’s father also verified that she had recently stayed at a “women’s shelter” following what friends called a relationship of “domestic violence.”

In fact, there are photos of Jessica at Leah’s House recently.

The theory comes after reports that Jessica was “aggressively attacked” and possibly “choked” at the same gas station she was last seen on the day of her death just a week before the murder. WREG reports that “investigators in the Jessica Chambers case are reportedly exploring the possibility that someone might have aggressively confronted the teenager at a gas station a week before her death.”

Could the person responsible for “aggressively confronting” Jessica also be responsible for her death? Police say they are still investigating the matter, but data miners online who have been following the case feel that Leah’s House was a likely destination for Jessica on the night of her death. Her friends say she was on the path to a positive life of recover following her rough past, thanks to the Leah’s House ministry. Therefore, it would not be out-of-character for Jessica to go to Leah’s House if she had recently been assaulted, threatened, or felt she needed help.

Regardless of Jessica’s intended end destination, many are hoping that the local police department or FBI will be able to zone in on the killer soon. With little to no new information being provided by the local police department, many in the public are concerned the case will go cold. What do you think of the involvement of internet hactivists and data miners in the Jessica Chambers case?