Standing Rib Roast Cooking Times: Here’s How To Cook A Perfect Prime Rib Roast For Christmas Dinner

Cooking a prime rib or standing rib roast for Christmas dinner? Aside from ham and turkey, roast beef is an extremely popular holiday dinner choice if you decide not to go out to eat for Christmas and want to cook a big meal at home.

Prime rib or a standing rib roast are both easy to make, but it’s important to pay attention to cooking times so your special meal is cooked to perfection. The most important gadget to have in your kitchen while making this meat-lovers main course is a meat thermometer — it’s the key to making your roast or prime rib cook to the perfect temperature.

What’s Cooking America states that roasting times for prime rib or a standing rib roast depends on how big of a roast you buy. Before roasting, rub the entire surface of the roast with a combination of black pepper, salt, ground thyme, and garlic for an extra tasty end result.

Is there a difference between a prime rib roast and a standing rib roast? According to the Iowa Beef Council, the big difference is the number of ribs in the cut of beef. A standing rib roast usually has seven ribs, while a prime rib roast has 6 to 12 ribs. Prime rib is a single portion cut from the rib roast.

How big of a roast should you buy? Moody Meats states that one rib should feed two people, with each rib section weighing about two pounds. For example, a 6 rib standing rib roast feeds 12 people and weighs about 12 pounds.

Today suggests that you don’t overdo the rest of the meal when you make prime rib so that it’s the center of attention on your holiday dinner table. Serve with classic holiday sides like green bean casserole and simple mashed potatoes.

Don’t forget, grocery stores close early on Christmas Eve, so if you haven’t purchased your rib roast yet, get to the store as soon as you can. Many markets, including specialty meat markets, require shoppers to order a big roast well in advance. Call your local supermarket before you head out to make sure they have the size and cut of beef your need in stock.

[Images: Nordstrom Blog, Chow, Sobeys]