California Boy Saves Sister: Kidnapping Avoided Thanks To Brave 13-Year-Old Who Saved His Sister

A California boy saves his sister from a kidnapping attempt, and he is now being called a hero. According to the New York Daily News, a man has been arrested after trying to abduct a 4-year-old girl on Saturday morning in Lancaster, California. Fortunately, the girl’s older brother was brave enough to not only yell for help, but grab a hold of his sister’s arm as the man tried to take the child away.

“Police called the teenager a hero for confronting 61-year-old Earl Williams, who wandered into a fenced-in Lancaster yard around noon Saturday and started talking to the girl, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Williams asked the girl’s name, then allegedly grabbed the child and started to walk away.”

The California boy saved his sister from the potential kidnapping by doing whatever he could to stop the man, and by getting the attention of anyone nearby. Thankfully, a neighbor heard the boy screaming for help and was able to call 911. When police arrived, the neighbor told them the direction where the screams had been coming from.

According to Fox Nation, the siblings were not hurt in the incident. Mr. Williams has been charged with kidnapping and is being held on $100,000 bail. As for the teenage boy, just about everyone is extremely proud of his heroic act.

“He was definitely quick on his feet. He’s very responsible for his family and obviously his 4-year-old sister. So at this point, he is our hero for today,” said sheriff’s deputy Miguel Ruiz.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, several people have reacted positively to this story on social media, praising the young boy for putting himself in danger to ensure that his little sister was safe.

“Greatest big brother ever! What a courageous little boy.”

“Great job young man!!!! You’re an awesome big brother!!!!”

“Get that young man an extra Christmas gift! He definitely deserves it!!!!”

“Thank you Lord for putting her brother at the right place in the right time.”

The name of the California boy who saved his sister from being kidnapped has not been released. However, the police department learned about the children’s home life, and have decided to do something special for them for Christmas.

“The children come from a single-parent home, Ruiz said, and deputies have gathered donations of toys to deliver to them for the holiday,” reports the L.A. Times.