Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Reportedly Split, Rumor or Truth?

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have basked in the headlines for weeks now, as many fans of their coupling wonder if it will last or implode around them. Recent reports of their secret marriage were found to be false, as have reports of pregnancy and rehab for Miley. New reports reveal that the couple may have split, supported by a lack of pictures together since early December and a recent kiss shared between Miley and another girl at her now infamous elf party.

Glamour Magazine has reported on Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger since they couple was rumored to be together. A popular report detailed Miley's 22nd birthday party, held at the Metropolitan Night Club in West Hollywood, where the couple spent the night hanging out, drinking, and having fun until 2 a.m. in the morning before shutting things down. However, since early December, the pair has been barely photographed together, leading some to wonder if they are even still together.

Recently, Miley has been posting sad song lyrics on her various social media accounts, perpetuating rumors that something may have gone awry between her and Patrick. Her recently document party, where she dressed as an elf, showed her partying without her other half, showing off a new pair of pasties, and kissing another girl. The event became more fodder for the proposed demise of the relationship.

Despite the temporary separation of Miley and Patrick, a source told Hollywood Life that they are still very much together and miss each other when they are apart. However, the do have their own lives and families that they need to focus on, and the holidays are a very busy time for both. However, come New Years, the two hope to spend some much needed time together again.

"Everything between Miley and Patrick is great. They talk all the time through texting, FaceTime and they even actually talk to each other on the phone. They are working on seeing each other for Christmas, but it might not work out and they might end up delay reuniting until New Year's in Los Angeles,"
To back up the source's claim, Miley posted a photo of a FaceTime session on Instagram with the caption, "come back I mushhhh yiew."

Although Miley and Patrick are currently separated, it is only by miles and not by anger or regret. Instead, the two speak to each other each and every day via FaceTime and continue to plan their future relationship together.

[Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail]