Former ‘Bachelor’ Rescues Puppies And ‘Death Row’ Dogs: Meet Pups In Need Of Homes [Photos]

It’s a long way from the luxurious lifestyle displayed on The Bachelor reality TV show to an overcrowded animal shelter. But for Prince Lorenzo Borghese, rescuing dogs and puppies who might be euthanized has become much more familiar. That’s because the former contestant on the show is now devoting himself to saving the lives of pets and finding them forever homes. Meredith Vieira featured his efforts and the dogs in search of homes on her December 22 talk show.

Prince Lorenzo leaned forward earnestly as he talked passionately about what pushed him to save more than 3,000 dogs from a town in Georgia. The animal lover also credited the organizations he works with, including Animal Aid USA, of which he is the President.

Will these rescued puppies find homes for the holidays?

As the audience applauded, Meredith and Borghese introduced the puppies seeking homes. To rescue them, Prince Lorenzo and members of the Animal Aid rescue group drive more than 1,600 miles monthly. Their goal is simple. They want to move endangered puppies and dogs from high-kill shelters to temporary foster homes, and, they hope, forever homes.

The non-profit animal rescue group emphasizes that the puppies shown are only a few examples of the many dogs of all ages seeking to belong to a family.

Oliver the rescued puppy.
Oliver is seeking a forever home.

Oliver, for example, is a 12-pound walker-hound mix. He is nine weeks old.

Boxer in need of home.
Rescued boxer seeks a home.

Two-year-old Letty is a purebred white boxer. At 49 pounds, she hopes she can find a place in a family this holiday season.

Rescued puppies
Nameless puppies need forever homes.

These little rescued puppies don’t even have names yet. The six-week-old baby dogs weigh five pounds each.

In addition to rescuing dogs and puppies, the organization works with other groups to foster puppies, including Puppies And More. That group just received a new batch of puppies seeking homes.

Not all puppies arrive at their foster homes healthy. As the Inquisitr reported, last Christmas Eve a one-pound puppy was found dying from a combination of hypothermia and a broken, infected jaw. In what is now regarded as a Christmas miracle, the tiny rescued dog was taken into the home and heart of a volunteer foster mom and rocked for three days while being fed through a syringe.

Rescued puppy gets love
A rescued puppy cuddles with son of foster mom.

Not only did the puppy named Nicolas survive, but one year later, Nicolas still remembers his foster mom on their reunions, which was a contingency of his adoption to a forever home.

“This is one of those instances where they remember what you did for them and they appreciate that. It means a lot that he remembers me and appreciates what we did.”

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