Underwear Thief Steals So Many Bras And Panties That His Stash Makes Ceiling Collapse

A sneaky underwear thief recently got a bit too greedy — his thievery was found out when his stash of bras and panties made his ceiling collapse.

According to the Daily Mail, the panty plunderer in question is named Tang. He used to reside in a Yulin City apartment in southeast China, but his home is currently in need of repair. To keep his crime from being discovered, the underwear thief hid his lingerie haul in a cavity above his ceiling.

Unfortunately for Tang, he was too good at lifting lingerie — his massive stash of bras and panties became so large that it made his ceiling collapse.

Panty Pile

The avalanche of undergarments made such a loud crash that a concerned tenant contacted the police. Tang confessed to causing the ceiling collapse, and authorities found more than 2,000 pairs of stolen bras and panties in his apartment.

Panties Outside

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some lingerie thieves steal new underwear from stores so that they can return it later and make a quick buck. However, Tang preferred used bras and panties, and he simply hoarded them in his home.

The underwear thief had somehow gained access to a master key for his building, making it very easy for him to sneak into the 750 apartments in the housing complex. He waited for his neighbors to go to work before raiding their lingerie drawers and absconding with their unmentionables.

According to the Independent, Tang started stashing his booty in the ceiling cavities of his apartment building’s fire escape stairwells when he ran out of space in his own abode. Tang enjoyed being a bra burglar for over a decade before he finally got caught.

Panty Ceiling

According to Shanghaiist, the underwear thief also confessed to robbing residences outside his apartment building, and he blamed his fetish for women’s underwear on a mental illness that he’s suffered from since childhood. There’s no word on what Tang’s punishment will be for pilfering all those panties.

Tang isn’t the only prolific panty thief who has stolen thousands of pairs of bras and panties. In 2012, Thai police apprehended an underwear thief with over a thousand pairs of panties in the trunk of his car. According to Rawstory, he was caught after trying to break into a building in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Authorities found over ten thousand pairs of panties in the thief’s home.

Police Major General Saroj Promcharoen described what the thief did with his embezzled intimates.

“He smelled them all the time even while driving.”

Being an underwear thief must really stink.

[Images via News.163]