Suicidal Georgia Man Fires Rifle At Neighbors, Police

On Sunday night, a man near Atlanta, Georgia, shot at police and neighbors. Residents waited more than five hours for police to end the standoff, but at one point they were dodging bullets. The man, armed with a high-powered rifle, was later killed when police shot back.

Previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Georgia drug raid left a dead homeowner but no drugs. Also, the family of a toddler disfigured in SWAT raid is left with $1 million medical bill.

Late Sunday night police were called to the home in the Atlanta area in report to a suicidal person threatening to shoot officers. When police arrived the gunman began firing at officers from an upper window of the home.

Austin Leake fired upon police and neighbors from an upstairs window of his home. Police later broke in through the garage and window.

Monday, the suicidal gunman was identified as 20-year-old Austin Leake

After SWAT arrived, a team approached the house until Leake retaliated by firing upon the team, and several rounds hit the SWAT vehicle. The police decided to evacuate the neighborhood and that’s when things got intense.

“He made the threat when police arrived that he was going to shoot all the police outside his house,” said spokesmen Steven Fore said, reported Reuters. “Even during the evacuation, the suspect fired rounds at officers and civilians as well.”

Bullets were flying all throughout the neighborhood. Neighbor, Daniel Lloyd, said all they could do was duck and run as bullets flew “in all directions.”

“They told me… cops just began banging on my door. I was with my sister and they told me to evacuate immediately so we just put on a shirt and just ran out. Gunshots going in all directions. We just had to get down and just run and keep our head down.”

At one point, even gas was used, but it only made Leake angry yelling, “None of y’all are going home to your families tonight,” according to WSBTV.

Police officers also tried to talk Leake into surrendering, according to DunwoodyPatch. Police said Leake continued to shoot at them. The SWAT team fired back, rushed inside the house and found the gunman dead. Police have confirmed that the SWAT team killed the man during the exchange of gunfire.

Monday morning homes within several blocks of standoff are visibly marred with broken windows and bullet holes from Leake’s shootout with the police. No police or civilians were injured during the standoff.

Austin Leake, Georgia suicidal gunman posing with his assault rifle.
Source: WSBTV

Photos were released of Austin Leake from his facebook page posing with an assault rifle in hand and another in the background.