Jennifer Aniston: ‘Winning’ In Career And Love With A Few Bumps Along The Way

Jennifer Aniston was reportedly off to a rocky start this holiday season, after saying some “unsavory things” at the future in-laws Thanksgiving dinner. Us Weekly shares the claims of an insider at the festivities, who stated that Jen had quite a bit to drink and wound up describing her soon-to-be husband, Justin Theroux, as “quite boring” to guests in attendance. Naturally, 43-year-old Theroux was quite “livid” the next day. However, Aniston, known best for her long running role as Rachel on the hit sitcom Friends, demonstrated remorse and embarrassment about the events that transpired.

The two have seemed to be able to make merry throughout the majority of the holiday season, and shortly after the incident at Justin’s parents’ place, threw a house party on December 6, as the Boston Herald notes. In addition, the two are planning a little refueling time in the heat.

“Now Aniston, 45, has planned sun and snow for their upcoming break, booking rooms in Telluride, Colorado, and Cabo San Lucas, says the insider. The Mexican city, where she has regularly visited for more than a decade, ‘is a haven,’ adds a pal. ‘They feel like it’s a time to recharge.'”

The couple have been under a microscope as of late, due to reports of their apparent on-again-off-again relationship. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem to be phased by the ongoing coverage of her relationship woes. Her latest work in the film Cake has gained her acclaim, since it was first shown at The Toronto International Film Festival back in September. As Deadline very cleverly puts it, Aniston’s performance in “‘Cake’ really takes the, uh, cake as a true breakthrough.”

“Sans makeup and with scars on her face, Aniston plays a woman suffering from chronic pain after a tragic accident, and nails it. When she won a standing ovation after the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Aniston broke down in tears. She truly had arrived at a new place in her career, and her life.”

So all seems well in both career and love for Aniston. She certainly has made a commendable come-back in the acting world, one in which even the star herself has admitted to being subject to typecast and only given a very small window of opportunity in regards to roles offered to her. Deadline recently interviewed Jen about this very issue, and gained a determined reply from the star.

“I am seen in a certain light, even though I have done smaller movies and other things. So, yeah, I did have to fight a little bit harder and I had to flex a little bit more muscle to allow myself to get into the part… I’m willing to fight the fight and show that there’s more to me and to a lot of other actors. You get put into a stereotype and you have to bang a little louder to allow your other creative parts to be shown.”

Watch Jennifer Aniston in the official trailer for the film Cake.

I think we can all agree that Ms. Aniston is quite deserving of her recent wins, tropical vacation and all. There is certainly a buzz about Jen possibly having earned herself a nomination for an Academy Award due to her brilliant performance in Cake. Now that would just top it all.

[Feature image courtesy of Just Jarred]