Trent Reznor Confirms Release For How To Destroy Angels Early Next Year

Call me an old, but I feel like the kids of today can totally not understand how Trent Reznor articulated our complex souls in the 1990s.

Still, the king of searing internal pain translated to industrial rock is still churning out albums, and has shared released information about his newest effort, titled “How To Destroy Angels.” Reznor talked about the new album- a collaboration between Reznor, wife Mariqueen Maandig and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo co-composer Atticus Ross- to Rolling Stone, pegging the first few months of 2012 for a release date:

“[We are] finishing our full-length record, which has fully matured our sound into something that is very unique… I can’t wait for that record to come out, actually probably [in the] first quarter of next year.”

Reznor, who also confirmed that the couple is expecting a baby in “a couple of weeks,” also reflected upon the creative outlet provided by working on new NIN material. He said that he’d felt boxed in in the past, and explained:

“Really, why I stopped Nine Inch Nails as a live entity was because it started to feel like I’ve done it, I’ve done it, and I’ve done it again. [I] started to feel like I needed reinvention and I needed to force myself into that… How to Destroy Angels has been an interesting creative outlet. I think when people hear what we’ve been up to, it will be very validating on my part.”

You can follow Trent Reznor over on Twitter for new information on “How To Destroy Angels” as it becomes available.