‘The Interview Controversy’: Sony Hack Rumored To Be Hoax For Publicity

The Interview has garnered lots of attention over the past couple weeks and the highly anticipated film hasn’t even been released yet. For those who missed it, the hacktivist group “Guardians of Peace” reportedly hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment when the film company refused to adhere to demands from North Korea to pull the film.

Since the request was slammed, the GOP leaked several incriminating corporate emails that have made Sony the center of media controversy. As a result of the massive hack, Sony ultimately decided to pull the film.

However, new reports insist Sony will release the film. According to Hollywood Reporter, Sony’s legal team has clarified that the film will be distributed. David Boies, a lawyer for Sony recently appeared on Meet the Press with details about the tentative release.

“Sony only delayed this. Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed. It will be distributed. How it’s going to be distributed, I don’t think anybody knows quite yet. But it’s going to be distributed.”

The film company has went back and forth on whether or not to release the film due to the threat of more hacks, which leaves many fans confused about the nature of the whole debacle. While the controversy has garnered lots of negative press for the entertainment subsidiary, many fans and media outlets are wondering if the “all press is good press” philosophy applies in this particular situation.

On Friday, Dec. 19 a Redditor posed a highly controversial question that many bloggers and media outlets are also wondering.

“What if the Sony hack is just a publicity stunt to get free media coverage to promote “The Interview”

According to Movie Pilot, the assumptions and speculation are due to lack of evidence, unexplained details and confusing aspects of the whole debacle that have yet to be clarified.

Although the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, many social media users have argued about the validity of all the claims involving North Korea and Sony. While some users aren’t took convinced all of the claims are true, many tech-savvy Internet users are flabbergasted by those in disbelief.

“It’s all a lot of bluster. There will be no theater attacks (or very few poorly planned attempts that fail miserably).

“had the exact same thought! They’ve been talking about this movie for months and only recently did this whole hack threat come out. It would be funny though if they do the whole “We’re not releasing 12/25” but then later on they go and say they’re releasing it just to get back at north korea…would definitely get them a hell of a lot more money than without the whole ‘threat’

“Ridiculous. People that think putting employees private information, actors phone numbers, ceo’s salaries and their private emails and having their movie pulled is a publicity stunt should get their f—ing head checked.”


Do you believe The Interview controversy is real or is the Sony hack just a hoax to promote the film? Share your thoughts.

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