Justin Timberlake Not At Lance Bass’ Wedding?

Lance Bass got married this weekend, but there was one important person from Lance Bass’ life missing — Justin Timberlake.

Bass married his boyfriend, whom he met about four years ago, this past Saturday in L.A. at the Park Plaza Hotel. The event was star-studded, to say the least. His friends Jamie Lynn-Sigler and Joanna Garcia Swisher officiated. Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise was a bridesmaid, and stars like Kris Jenner and Christina Applegate were seen attending the bash. And yet, Timberlake, who had performed with Bass as a member of ‘N Sync, was MIA.

Bass included his former bandmates in his wedding, with Joey Fatone acting as a ring bearer and JC Chasez sang the couple’s first dance. Bass commented to People on Chasez singing at the reception, saying that Chasez “has the best voice I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” So was Timberlake hurt that he wasn’t asked to sing instead?

Of course not! Timberlake had to decline the wedding invitation because he is currently on tour around the country, and was in fact all the way across the country on Saturday. On December 18, Timberlake was in Philadelphia, and then on Saturday, the day of Lance’s wedding, Justin was in Nashville singing with country superstar Garth Brooks.

Bass told People magazine that Timberlake “feels bad” that he couldn’t be there, “but at least he’ll still be able to see it on TV.”

That’s right, Lance Bass invited E! to his wedding to tape a special for the network, which will air on February 5. So although Timberlake didn’t get to partake in what Page Six referred to as a “near-reunion of Bass former boy band ‘N Sync,” he’ll get to see the shindig on TV.

And Timberlake should watch to see his some of wife’s handiwork. Bass commented to Us Magazine in November of 2013 that Jessica Biel, Timberlake’s wife of two years, was helping him to plan his wedding. Bass commented that Timberlake’s wife “gave us a lot of great pointers” and that she “had some great ideas.” See, there’s no feud there!

Timberlake was there for the band’s so-called reunion back in November of 2013, when fellow bandmate Chris Kirkpatrick got married. Bass said that it was “just like old times.”

And so while many are quick to ask if Timberlake was even invited, like KDrama Stars asked, or claim that there was some feud, that’s not the case at all. Justin Timberlake and his former bandmates are as close as ever, even though they may be across the country from each other.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia]