December 22, 2014
Thai Propaganda Video Under Fire For Image Of Hitler, 'Stresses 12 Core Values' [Video]

Every country has its share of propaganda accusations, including the United States and President Obama. A Thai propaganda video is the most recent example that has come under fire for promoting unsavory ideals within the 11-minute clip.

The propaganda film was authorized by Thailand's military leaders, and is being shown before movies in major theaters. The purpose of the film is to promote the "12 core values" that every student must learn and instill into their lives. However, an image of Hitler and a swastika has many wondering if there is an ulterior motive. The prime minister's office claims it is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Fox News reports that the film was created to tell a story of two young boys as they learn about life, loyalty, the 12 core values. In an animated sequence, about 40 seconds in, one of the boys is shown painting an image of Hitler saluting a swastika. The image has been condemned for promoting a Nazi dictatorship in the minds of young children, essentially brainwashing them into thinking it is a part of life. However, Thailand's prime minister's office claims the imagery is being misinterpreted. Instead, the image shows a child being rebellious and painting his controlling mother in the image of Adolf Hitler.

As the video continues on, there is no explanation that remotely hints at the comparison between the boy's mother and Adolf Hitler. Instead, it continues to show the daily life of the young boys as they play in the yard, attend class, and practice karate. All the while, a catchy and happy tune plays in the background. Israel's ambassador to Thailand, Simon Roded, shared his displeasure with the propaganda film.

"I was surprised that throughout the screening process this movie must have gone through to be approved for public broadcast, none of the smart, well educated people checking it had identified it as being problematic and offensive. If we learn anything from this incident it is that Holocaust education, especially its global messages of tolerance, should be introduced into the Thai curriculum."

The propaganda video comes nearly a year after a billboard was displayed that portrayed Adolf Hitler alongside great superheroes such as Superman, Captain America, and Iron Man. Sky News reports that the billboard was painted by "ignorant students," according to Chulalongkorn University, and it was soon removed. However, the propaganda video is still playing without alteration in major theaters.


[Photo Courtesy: i24 News]