Australian Officials Reopen ‘Dingo Took My Baby’ Case

Commonly referred to as the “Dingo Took My Baby” case an infamous three-decade-old investigation has been reopened in Australia, the fourth such inquest into the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain.

Azaria disappeared in the Australian Outback in 1980 and his mother Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton claimed at the time that a dingo stole the nine-week-old child from their tent.

Found guilty and sentenced to life in prison in 1982 Lindy eventually saw her case over turned after a piece of her clothing was found near a dingo den, however the child’s body was never discovered.

According to the The Australian the case was opened for a fourt time because of new information provided to the Northern Territory coroner by one of Chamberlain’s lawyers. Included in those findings were a 9-year-old boy who was mauled to death in 2001 by two dingoes and a four-year-old girl who was injured in 2007.

The new inquest into the missing child will start on Feb. 24.

Do you believe that Australian investigators will be able to uncover any useful information more than 30 years after little Azaria Chamberlain went missing or is this a case of grasping at air?