July 14, 2017
NYPD Cop Shooting Witnesses Reportedly Celebrated, Laughed At Death Of Slain Officers, 'Salute The Shooter' Ismaaiyl Brinsley

On Saturday, December 20, the fatal shooting of two New York Police Department officers caused quite a controversy among law enforcement, government officials, and pro-police groups. Of course, many Americans were flabbergasted by Ismaaiyl Brinsley's execution-style shooting of the officers. But, unfortunately, there were actually people who found his actions commendable.

According to the Daily Beast, several eyewitnesses claimed there were actually people on the scene who celebrated, laughed, and mocked the death of the two fallen cops. One witness, identified as Carlos, reportedly shared details about the celebratory actions of some who witnessed the killing.

"A lot of people were clapping and laughing. Some were saying, 'They deserved it,' and another was shouting at the cops, 'Serves them right because you mistreat people!'"

The disheartening celebration has reportedly expanded to the cyber world as well. As previously reported on Inquisitr, a Facebook page was created to celebrate the officers' death. Surprisingly, the Cop Block Facebook page has more than one million followers. Many followers began sharing their opinion of the officers' death immediately after the news broke. Unfortunately, some Facebook users had absolutely no remorse for the lives taken and even insist the offers brought this on themselves.

"Whether it is right or wrong, they created the problem!!!!!"

"The cops need to quit killing people. If not they better get use to cops being killed. The people are done with the cops crap. And we are going after the Crap laws that the cops live under. They need to follow the laws everyone else has to. Until then we have a problem."

However, those in question who reportedly witnessed the killing aren't the only people praising the alleged shooter. Many people have also taken to Twitter to salute Brinsley for his actions. Some even insisted that the death of the two officers was "karma," considering how law enforcement officials handled the death of Eric Garner. Needless to say, some of the jaw-dropping comments were extremely harsh.

What's your opinion of the anti-police response to the officers' death? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Seattle Sports Nut]