‘Take Me To Church’ With Victoria’s Secret Angels: Hozier Accused of Misogyny

“My lover’s got humor. She’s a giggle at a funeral. Knows everybody’s disapproval. Should have worshipped her sooner.”

While the world of pop music may be singing the praises of Irish-born Hozier, some had some sharp words for his appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held last week.

The annual lingerie fashion show saw special song numbers from various artists like Hozier, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. Although the up and coming singer has been one of the most-liked new artists today, his appearance at Victoria’s Secret fashion show didn’t please some fans.

Irish Times even published a blog talking about how Hozier should have not appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Angels fashion show.

“Hozier is au fait with the word misogyny. Hozier should not be standing on a London stage as the inert backdrop to a bunch of breasts. He is worth more than that. More than Victoria’s Secret were paying him anyway.”

Hozier hasn’t made any comments about the criticisms on his performance at the Victoria’s Secret Angels fashion show. However, in an interview with MTV, he insisted that Take Me to Church was not really irrelevant in the occasion.

“I mean, ‘Take Me To Church’ is about sex. So, it’s not all that inappropriate. I mean, you know, it’s lingerie. It’s underwear. And it is sexual. I mean, the song is sexual. [Lingerie] has something to do with female sexual agency and having control over your own sexuality and your own body. For me that’s something that the music deals with also.”

Hozier’s song “Take Me To Church” has an off-beat spiritual appeal, but the corresponding video is dark and alarming, portraying hate crimes that homosexuals experience, presumably in Russia. Hozier has been non-committal about some of his writings, and much of what he says remains vague. When asked what “Take Me To Church” really means, Hozier replied in a cryptic manner.

“I kind of think if there’s nothing to say, don’t say it. The lyrics are, for me, one of the most important parts of the song, and the way I see it, whether you’re talking about that type of stuff, or you’re just talking about anything, either way, it is a reflection of the times and it is a reflection of what’s going on now at the minute.”

That may be as clear as mud, but what was going on at the minute was the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show. Misogyny or not, Hozier was there.