Wild Seal Pup Naps On Woman As Human Pillow For 2-Hours In Antarctica [Video]

A wild seal pup in Antarctica used a woman as his human pillow for a two-hour nap. While out sightseeing on the Shetland Island in Antarctica, an elephant seal pup waddled over to one of the women exploring the region and cuddled up to her. The young seal found a nice soft spot to relax on instead of the hard, rough terrain of sand and rocks which cover off-shore areas.

The Mail Online reveals that Lea McQuillan was visiting the barren South Islands of Antarctica when the moment happened. She and the ship’s doctor, Helen Willcock, made it to Elephant Point on Livingston Island. The two were regrouping after a 14-day cruise.

It proved to be a perfect opportunity for wildlife photographer Roy Mangersnes to snap some incredible photos. He was traveling with the group, and was able to capture some amazing images of a young seal pup full of innocence fearlessly nuzzle up to a human being without hesitating.

Mangersnes says seal pups like these are “extremely curious,” and didn’t pose any type of threat to McQuillan. The animal, said to weigh as much as an adult man, is seen enjoying some quiet time without the battles that come with being a wild animal. As Mangersnes says, in time, the struggles will present itself.

“Lea was not scared at all. These cubs are extremely curious, but are not threatening. The mother was not around so there was nothing to worry about. These cubs are still suckling and do not have teeth yet.

“This little guy is just enjoying some peace before he reaches adulthood and has to start fighting for his future.”

Most wild animals, even if young and inexperienced, are frightened of humans. It’s a basic instinct since humans are the top predators. So for this touching scene to be captured on film, it’s a rare instance we all can get a glimpse of.

Fortunately, the pup’s mother wasn’t around when he decided to use McQuillan as a human pillow. That could have easily been a dangerous situation for her, the doctor, and the photographer. Protective animal mothers aren’t in fear of humans when it comes to defending their young.

When the pup seal woke up two hours later, he ventured back into the water.

As seen in the YouTube video, the elephant pup seal is happily napping on one of the two women seen in the images.

[Photo Credit: Roy Mangersnes via Daily Mail]