One Man Band Brings Holiday Cheer To Passengers At Seattle Airport [Video]

Tara West

People waiting for their flights at the Seattle airport received a surprise performance by the "one man band." The man roamed the terminals in Seattle attempting to bring a little holiday cheer to the season.

YouTube user Matthew Morris uploaded the video, noting that the "one man band" had brightened his day.

"We saw this guy while waiting for our flight. He brightened our day!"

If you aren't familiar with a "one man band," the concept is that one individual person can play multiple instruments simultaneously. The man behind "the one man band" in the video is Eric Haines. According to Eric's website, he plays in traditional "one man band" fashion, and can be seen across Seattle.

"Eric plays what can best be described as a traditional one man band rig, which most people associate with the Dick Van Dyke character Bert, in the movie Mary Poppins."

In the video, you see that Eric has a bass drum strapped to his back, a harmonica across his face, various bells and whistles, and a guitar.

What do you think of the "one man bad"? Should more airports offer entertainment for waiting passengers, especially during the busy holiday season?