‘The Voice’: Matt McAndrew Takes Loss In Stride, Tries To Calm Angry Fans

The Voice is over for now, but that hasn’t calmed the predictable debate raging around who should have won Season 7.

The obvious standouts on The Voice for many were Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew (with dark-horse Chris Jamison rising through the ranks to claim a third spot).

Some blame anti-Team Adam fans for the results. Others blame Team Adam fans for splitting the votes. And then there is the ugly vote fixing accusation floating around. It’s not like The Voice is any stranger to accusations of shenanigans.

And with certain last-minute changes being made with NO warning during this season, some believe that Voice contestant Matt McAndrew may have been yet another victim to alleged dishonesty by the Voice producers.

Could it just be sour grapes?

Some fan comments on the Voice video announcing the Season 7 winner have not been kind to the show or a segment of Voice viewers.

Matt McAndrew fans have been particularly vocal, feeling that their favorite Voice competitor was blatantly robbed. It was perhaps SO bad that McAndrew himself felt the need to step in, reminding his fans that he isn’t nearly as hurt as they believe him to be, and that he’s feeling far more happy about how his time on The Voice turned out than they believe.

He gave a shout out to Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd in congratulations for his win.

Said McAndrew, “Dude works his butt off, and I’m happy for him!”

He also said to his fans, “I know some of you may be upset, but please don’t think you let me down.”

Matt admitted that he’d miss performing on The Voice every week, but that fans “should all be excited about what’s to come.”

There are signs that “what’s to come” for Matt McAndrew may be great.

His original song “Wasted Love” managed to knock Taylor Swift from the top of the iTunes singles chart and stay there for a few days; he was the only contestant on The Voice to manage this all season.

The video for the single is also the only Voice music video to achieve over one million views. Matt’s also appeared in the iTunes single chart’s Top 10 several times during the season.

That kind of ongoing popularity may result in a lucrative recording contract, one that will not be as limited as the one given to the winner of The Voice.

According to NJ.com, Matt is taking meetings in New York, and could very well get a recording deal in the near future. He’ll next be performing a sold-out show at the World Cafe Live on January 23.

There’s also the fact that the pressure is on Craig Wayne Boyd, as Season 7 winner of The Voice, to truly break out in a way that previous winners have not. He’s the first male country winner, and his years of work may have garnered enough connections to make it possible.

Matt McAndrew may have just missed out, or he may have dodged one heck of a bullet. Only time will tell.

Which contestants from this season of The Voice do you think will have successful careers?